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Firefighter Turnout Bags

Firefighter Turnout bags recycles retired firefighter turnouts into new and unique products. FFTOB’s mission is to reduce the impact of waste that turnout gear has on the environment. FFTOB also wants to offer a unique and meaningful product to the firefighter family. Lastly, FFTOB gives back to the fire family as much as possible. This gear has a history behind it, and each bag brings that history with it wherever it goes. These bags are unique, recycled, and hand made with love in the USA. FFTOB prides itself on its quality.


The owner Niki Rasor, started this business in 2008, and since then, every year it has increased its sales and its fan base. FFTOB started when Niki’s firefighter husband asked her to remove a pocket from his coat. She plucked off the pocket, and thought it was too cool to just throw away. She remembered he had some old suspenders, so she found those, attached them to the pocket, and made the very first FFTOB! Little did Niki know, that this little bag would grow into an industry of recycling gear into new products. The business grew exponentially, and now FFTOB ships worldwide, and made a debut on Shark Tank! We know that there is more in store for FFTOB, and the business will continue to grow at an excitingly fast rate.

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